Job opening

Google cloud data engineer (m/v)

Office Hilversum and remote
Languages Fluent Dutch English B1
Available since Wednesday March 9, 2022

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John Jackson

(+31) 35 1111 222 33

About this job

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About our team

Your skills

  • You like programming;
  • You have experience with cloud computing processes and concepts related to our data platform;
  • You design and supplement data processing processes within our platform;
  • You are familiar with processes related to Google Cloud;
  • You can link various systems within our platform;
  • You are proficient with Python 3 and have experience web projects in high traffic environments;
  • You are interested in complex algorithmic solutions;
  • You enjoy helping your colleagues improve their programming skills;

Bonus points

  • You have experience with machine learning;
  • You have experience with e-commerce and search platforms such as DemandWare and Magento;
  • You are familiar with Google Analytics;
  • You have designed and improved scalable systems before;
  • You are familiar with monitoring tools such as Grafana;
  • You are familiar with cloud services such as AWS and Google Cloud;
Culture & Values

Nothing is off-limits to those who can imagine anything

More winners & impact

Let's create more winners by making world-class technology usable and affordable for every business. Let's make markets healthier, richer and more diverse for consumers.

Endless curiosity

Those who look with fresh eyes at the world everyday have the possibility the rebuild it in a new way. By building, testing, failing and walking the extra mile we create new stuff.

True teamwork

Together we’re way smarter than alone. It’s the premise of the internet. Collectively we’re a thousand times smarter than alone. That’s why we work together.


Let’s skip the educated guesses. We are a data-driven bunch. From the way we create our products to the data insighs we provide to our customers.

Our team

19 teamleden en groeiende

We zijn een gepassioneerd team van developers, marketeers, designers en entrepreneurs. We houden ervan interessante en moeilijke problemen op te lossen om verandering teweeg te brengen in travel en retail. Een leuke tijd met een gezellig team waarmee we aan de digitale infrastructuur van morgen werken.