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Turn unknown visitors into buyers Turn unknown visitors into loyal customers by unifying your customer data and personalizing shopping experiences across channels

Reduce advertising spend Get a better view of the willingness to buy from each customer segment and use that to target audience smarter and cheaper.

Privacy? Yes, we do mind. Trust a cloud data platform built for the privacy-first economy. Give people more control over their data while still offering personalized experiences.

Sell by matching to BSR lifestyles Uncover your customers lifestyles and sell according to it. With the unique imagery and tone of voice that resonates perfectly.

All features to create seamless shopping experiences

Abandonment cart

Turn readers into subscribers; valuable insights to reach those that look around on your website but don’t convert.

Personalization engine

Personalise the articles and sales tactics on your website. Provide a custom website during each context that matches their personal interests.

Content recommendations

Suggest the right articles for the right people, based on insights and data from the platform.

Persuasion tools

Several tools to setup valuable marketing campaigns, based on various online persuasion techniques.

Real-time popups

Use real-time data to highlight popular, most viewed or trending articles on your site.

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